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Elevated Spa

Creating Immersive Atmospheres

Customers frequent spas for luxurious pampering and high-end treatments, therefore cultivating the ideal atmosphere through a sensory strategy is important to ensure a fulfilling experience with your brand. Of the five senses, scent is an unparalleled experiential trigger that can instantly elevate the perception of  your brand in the eyes of your guest. Of course the power is in the numbers therefore, we have provided the research below.


The Research

According to consumer behavior and marketing research, pleasant ambient scents:

  • Increase mood and memory which improves brand recall and increased likelihood of referrals

  • Reduce stress and enhance connection

  • Evoke 40% improvement in mood, critical for reducing anxiety

  • Improve customers intention to revisit a scented establishment

  • Increase productivity among employees

In the spa industry, atmosphere is important. Because smell provides guests with a sense of comfort, orientation, and familiarity before the visual role is fully established, implementing a scented sensory strategy will enhance the immersive experience and perception of your brand.

Our Strategy

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