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"Exploration is really the essence
of the human spirit 

- Frank Borman - 

Because of the often intrusive, and predictable, nature of traditional marketing tactics, consumers have become over-exposed and desensitized making it difficult for brands to capture the attention of their target market. These growing obstacles have prompted marketers to innovate and evolve their unique strategies to remain competitive. 

As both an entrepreneur and marketing researcher, The Aroma Haus founder, Alexandra Nolan identified a gap between traditional marketing and the immersive experiences consumers are increasingly craving. While pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Memphis, Alexandra focused her research studies on unique sensory marketing strategies, specifically in scent phenomena. Due to her small business and branding background, Alexandra was determined to develop a strategy that would not only help brick-and-mortar businesses compete with the online space, but which would also satisfy the consumer’s demand for eccentric brand experiences. This initiative led Alexandra to develop a unique sensory marketing strategy, and so The Aroma Haus was born.


At The Aroma Haus, we develop customized sensory marketing strategies which will ensure that your business will stand out above the competition. Aroma Haus is more than scent, we are an investment into the perception of your brand.  Our highly mastered sensory marketing strategy will not only enhance the customers’ experience with your brand but will keep your brand top of mind even when your customer is in the privacy of their own home.


We are dedicated to building brand value in the eyes of your clientele by elevating your brand via a multi-faceted luxury experience.


Luxury Hotel & Gaming


Elevated Spa


Premiere Retail

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